SANDUSKY COUNTY, Ohio — It may just now be starting to feel like fall, but the Ohio Department of Transportation is already preparing for Winter.

Yes, those are snow plows you're seeing in this ODOT garage in Sandusky County.

As the season is officially changing, these crews are already preparing for the upcoming winter weather.

And statewide, to have some fun with the prep work, ODOT holds an annual paint a plow contest, where local school districts students get to create a piece of art on a plow blade, and the winner of the competition will get a cash prize for their school district.

For ODOT District 2, you can vote on their Facebook page with a simple like on your plow art of choice.

And, all month, ODOT is accepting applications for seasonal plow drivers with current CDL licenses.

This is important work to make sure this critical equipment is ready to go once the snow eventually begin to fall.

"Our snowplows become dump trucks in the Summer. So, we're going through and making sure they're all inspected,everything is operating the way it needs to. So that as soon as we get that first sign of winter, our crews are ready, our plows are ready to go on out," said ODOT District 2 PIO Rebecca Dangelo.

You'll have until Friday, October 11 to vote for your favorite plow design.