TOLEDO, Ohio — It was a strategic plan to bring out the new voting machines for Tuesday’s primary election because it gives the Lucas County Board of Elections staff a few chances to perfect their process ahead of 2020's presidential election. 

While there was a low voter turnout, most who voted say they liked the new system.

"I think overall it went well as with anything new there are of course some glitches during the morning,” said LaVera Scott, director of the Lucas County Board of Elections. “But no voters were turned away even if they might have run into some problems initially checking in. "

Paper ballots were nearby Tuesday and while some had to use them early in the day others got to try Lucas County's new voting machines. Officials said they are more secure, easier to use and should count votes quicker. Neighbors in Central Toledo say they worked well.

"They are interesting,” said Mark McBee, of Toledo. “I think they are pretty simple, pretty direct."

"It kind of took a little bit to get the hang of, but I did like the idea that you have this nice big piece of paper that's what's going to be recording your vote,” said Erin Lottier of Toledo. “And I noticed that my name is not on the piece of paper so they can't trace any votes."

Voter turnout for Toledo and Maumee's primary was low, just below 6%, but some believe these new machines will help bring voters out on election day.

"A lot of people I don't think would vote before because of the complexity of having to deal with some of the issues on the machines themselves,” said Dan Barczak of Toledo. These much more clearly let you see what it is you’re voting for, the opportunity to make your changes is easier, it's just a better process."

Others said that despite the machine, it's important to get to the polls especially for these local races.

"I think that local elections are one of the most important elections that we can get involved in,” said Lottier, who is a teacher at Toledo School for the Arts. “They directly impact our daily lives."

"My mother instilled in me to exercise your right to vote because that's the only way to facilitate change,” McBee said. “So, every opportunity there is I vote."

Board of Elections director, LaVera Scott, and her team will debrief Tuesday’s election to make adjustments and improvements as they move towards November's ballot. They want to make sure they are doing everything so voters in Lucas County can trust the process and make their voice heard.

"It's a constant change and it's always going to be a challenge, but in a good way,” Scott said. “Because we're now moving up to the 21st century in reference to our technology and I think that that's definitely great not just for Lucas County, but the state."

If you want to check the results of the primary for Toledo and Maumee you can click here.


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