TIFFIN, Ohio — There's a new location to grab some locally-brewed beer in Tiffin, with a bit of international influence.

Aaron Stalsworth and Rose Nguyen have worked for years to get their brewery, the Tiffin Brewery, up and running. Three weeks ago, they finally began brewing out of the industrial building on Wall Street.

After nearly two full years of cleaning, upgrades and renovations, the state-of-the-art brewing equipment has begun brewing five different beers.

"We looked at over 40 properties in Tiffin, and this building by far was the most suitable. It had the right requirements, it was zoned correctly. Two-and-a half years later of building construction, here we are finally at the starting line," Stalworth said.

Aaron and Rose met while working for an international education group and spent 10 years together in Vietnam.

Rose's father is a multi-decade brew master in Vietnam, learning to brew in Europe during the Vietnam War. When the couple moved back to Aaron's home town of Tiffin, they knew they wanted to continue Rose's father's tradition.

"Good traditional beer; so, whatever we brew here is either my dad's recipes or our recipes that we run by him," Nguyen said.

For more information on the Tiffin Brewery, you can visit their Facebook page.

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