BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — New security cameras are up and running in downtown Bowling Green.

Police say the upgrade was needed to help deter major incidents such as the large fight on Court Street in September 2019.

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At the time, the city did not have a security camera that recorded how the brawl started and their cameras, in general, weren't up to par. 

"They weren't all connected to fiber so you didn't have the smooth viewing capability. It would buffer sometimes and you would miss a critical piece of evidence," Bowling Green Police Division spokesperson Lt. Daniel Mancuso said.

Nineteen HD-quality cameras throughout downtown will now help piece situations together and provide better coverage for criminal activity and vehicular travel. 

The cameras, which cost $2,000 each, cover a 180-degree view with enhanced nighttime vision. 

They were installed mainly before the new year and are located on N. and S. Main Street, E. and W. Wooster Street and along the corner of Court and Main Streets.

"The fact that they have the resources and ability to install these cameras, it's good. It's fine with me," BGSU senior Matthew Murray said."If something happened to me, it would be good to have that [video] as something to back yourself up to say if like, I was in trouble."

Police said the cameras won't be used to track people down for minor violations, rather, they'll be used to help catch people involved in major crimes.

"If you're a victim of a crime we have a better chance of holding someone accountable for that," Mancuso said.

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