TOLEDO (WTOL) - Elizabeth Lecron and Damon Joseph were both arrested on separate terror charges. But neighbors of each all had the same reaction; shock.

In Maumee, Gilbert Lawrence, who lives in the same apartment building Elizabeth Lecron used to live in, said he vaguely remembers her.

Lawrence said there were tenants that moved into Lecron’s old apartment, but they recently moved out, so the apartment is currently vacant.

He said he didn’t see Lecron much because she kept to herself, but he said Lecron lived in the apartment with an unknown man.

Lawrence said he works third shift and would see Lecron and the man occasionally in the evenings. He described both as being “quiet”, “weird” and “standoff-ish”.

News of the threats coming to Lawrence as a complete shock.

"It's pretty crazy, just thinking that just a small, quiet apartment complex, something like that could happen around here," Lawrence said. "And it's actually a really weird couple because you never really seen them, they wouldn't really socialize with anybody, and not thinking about it, I just thought they were weird."

Now, just 10 minutes away in Holland sits the neighborhood of Damon Joseph.

Again, two separate cases, but very similar reactions from those living nearby.

Neighbors there say they are shaken by what they've seen and heard in the past few days.

One couple, who lives right across the street from Joseph, witnessed the arrest Friday.

They said they didn’t have any interaction with Joseph other than seeing him outside his door smoking. They said he kept to himself. They’re upset thinking that someone with terror plans lived so close to their two little girls.

“Friday night I was pulling out of my driveway and there was a swarm of undercover cars coming in and surrounded with badges and guns on to try and get into this house,” said Alicia Batdorf. “It’s scary considering that I live across the street and I have a six and seven-year-old.”

"Without any kind of warning or anything like that, you don't know what's going on, what kind of weirdos are out there, but like she said, we have small kids so it's really kind of scary," said Shane Stevenson.

While the reactions in both neighborhoods are similar, remember, these are two separate cases.

Two separates cases leaving neighbors shaken, in disbelief, but also relieved that they were arrested before they could put their plans into action.