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Neighbors preparing additional moves in battle against central Toledo eye sore owned by church

Evan Morrison, the spokesperson for residents in the area, says neighbors are unified and want to see a solution implemented.

TOLEDO, Ohio — A central Toledo neighborhood is planning its next move after months of asking for help dealing with what they call a nuisance property.

The property is located at 350 W. Woodruff Ave., between Ashland Avenue and Collingwood Boulevard.

Evan Morrison, the spokesman for the people living nearby, says the owner has had plenty of time to make changes. But they don't see that much has been done since they first reached out to WTOL 11 in September, and neighbors still want improvements made.

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"Demanding action. Demand they clean this up," Morrison said. "It's been deteriorating for years. And it's time. There have been some incidents here that have frightened people and we want to see this restored. And no longer dragged under our neighborhood."

According to records from the Lucas County Auditor's office, an organization called Cathedral Ministries owns the property. 

We called after hours and had to leave a message, but the ministry did talk to us in October.

A spokesperson sent a written response saying the property would be secured and cleaned within 10 days. 

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Crews did come out, but Morrison, a father who also lives in the neighborhood, says it's not enough.

"All we can hope for before the weather really turns is that this is secured in some way, that the buildings boarded up in a secure manner," he said. "And we continue to want this either rehabilitated or sold to someone that cares about the condition of it."

Or they want it demolished. But before that happens, the group is planning to take its message straight to the owners.

"Pastor Scott should know that there are more actions coming," Morrison said. "The neighbors are unified and want to see this solution implemented. That we get this problem taken away from our neighborhood. And he should expect his name in the press more."

And make it known that they no longer want to be ignored and that their complaints are heard. 

In the meantime, Morrison also says he has filed a complaint to the Internal Revenue Service asking for an investigation into prior tax exemptions for the vacant building.