TOLEDO (WTOL) - If someone told you to take a hike on Saturday, there was no need to feel offended.

That’s because it was National Take A Hike Day.

Local group hikes were offered across the 14 Metroparks, like the Middlegrounds in downtown Toledo.

The best thing about hiking is that you can do it at your own pace anytime it suits you, and it’s free.

Linda Nelson goes out every day with her dog.

“Physically, it’s a stress reliever. I walk with [my dog]. Her enthusiasm for walking is sometimes what gets me out there,” Nelson said.

You can burn upwards of 550 calories an hour by hiking and now is a good time to start. All the holiday meals and snacks we eat can pack on the pounds in the coming months.

“35 pounds ago. It was a good reason and I’ve stuck with it. [Hiking is] really good for exercise, makes you feel better and we enjoy the parks” says Karen Geiser.

The Metroparks encourage hiking no matter what time of the year as part of a yearlong program called ‘Trail Challenge.’

“You plan to walk 50-100-150 miles in a Metropark. You get a walking stick at the end” said Scott Carpenter of the Metroparks.

As someone once said, “It’s hard to focus when you’re hiking because your mind keeps trailing off.”