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Toledo monolith makes its way to Tony Packos, UT

Its first stop was at the Toledo Museum of Art! Where do you think it will be spotted next?
Credit: City of Toledo Twitter

TOLEDO, Ohio — Monolith mania has hit Toledo!

After visiting the Toledo Museum of Art on Thursday, the monolith has since traveled to Tony Packos and the University of Toledo, taking in all the sites the Glass City has to offer.

The city of Toledo tweeted pictures of the monolith's adventures, saying it sought higher education at UT before trying out the best hot dogs and Hungarian sausage in the galaxy.

But what exactly is a monolith, you may ask?

You may have never heard the term before a couple weeks ago, when one was discovered in by wildlife biologists in a Utah desert while they were performing a helicopter survey of bighorn sheep.

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Merriam-Webster defines a monolith as "a single great stone often in the form of an obelisk or column" or "a massive structure."

It is believed the monolith had been there for about four years, but no one knows how it got there. Officials say it is illegal to install monuments on Utah public lands without permission.  

But wait, it gets better.

Soon after the monolith was discovered, it just disappeared before the Utah Bureau of Land Management decided what to do with it.

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And of course, no one knows who removed it. Pretty par for the course for 2020, really.

Now that the monolith has landed in Toledo, the city wants to know where you think the monolith will appear next, giving the option to vote between Tony Packos and the University of Toledo. Lock in your vote on Twitter!