TOLEDO (WTOL) - Holy Toledo, baseball is back in the Glass City!

While thousands got tickets to the first game of the Mud Hens 2019 season, fans outside the fence braved the cold to enjoy the party atmosphere at Hensville for opening day. It’s a day so many say they wouldn’t miss for the world.

“Go Hens!” Those words were shouted across the city tonight as Toledo Baseball is back.

“It’s the best time that I’ve had in my life coming to a baseball game,” said David Lenartavage, a fan from Findlay. “It really is."

”Because it’s opening day it’s the best day to come,” said Melissa Childers, a Mud Hens fan. “You get to see all the fans although it’s really cold."

Mud Hens Opening Day brings thousands despite cold

While everyone is cheering on the Mud Hens, opening day means different things to everyone.

“Friends and family getting together having a great time,” said Mary Pauken who attended the firs game of the 2019 season with her parents Juanita and Chuck Pauken.

“Blowing off work you know, we didn’t call in sick or anything."

”It’s a tradition,” said Yasmin Dargahi, a Mud Hens fan. “It’s something that brings the whole community together. “

The biggest talker at Opening Day this year was the weather. Some were embracing the cold and others, well they weren’t.

”It could be better,” said Jay Fenimore, a fan from Findlay. “It’s a little bit cold, last year it was awesome. This year, eh."

"I have two layers of clothes on here,” said Melissa Childers.

“I have wool socks on," added Jeffery Prowant, a fan at Thursday’s home opener.

“I can’t wait to start sweating in my seat,” joked Mary Pauken as she stood in the near freezing temperatures.

“This, it doesn’t bother me,” said Tom Bean, a Chicago man. “I’m immune to the cold.”

And he wasn’t lying. He stood outside in shorts and a Mud Hens sweatshirt. He said the start allied so he could be there for the home opener.

So many at Hensville Thursday say opening day for the Mud Hens is a home run, especially if you can go with your family.

Mud Hens Opening Day brings thousands despite cold

“That’s everything,” said Ali Dargahi, who attended his seventh Hen’s opener with his daughter Yasmin. “I love all the people, but I love her more.”

For others they like the chance to be out in the city they love and hitting up the dozens of local bars and restaurants. The block party at Hensville started at noon and continued well after the final pitch.

“Now that we’ve got Hensville it’s ten times better than it was back in the day,” said David Lenartavage. “And it’s just fun! “

”It’s the only time Toledo opens up like this,” said Ali Dargahi. “Everybody is wearing Mud Hens gear, this is the best.”

Fans are hopeful for a successful season, but no matter what they will be cheering for the home team all year long.