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Mother, friends of murder-suicide victim Melissa Shoop hold memorial in her honor, speak out against domestic violence

Melanie Shoop says she's raising Melissa's two daughters and teaching them never to put up with domestic violence.

MAUMEE, Ohio — Family and friends of Melissa Shoop came together Thursday afternoon to remember the Maumee mother who was killed in a murder-suicide in 2019.

It comes two years after her death, which loved ones say should've never happened. 

On Oct. 21, Melissa was murdered at home by her ex-boyfriend, who later shot and killed himself. Melissa was 31 years old.

Police say she was shot by her ex-boyfriend, who later shot himself.

Melissa's loved ones continue to honor her life and fight against domestic violence.

"It's difficult. I mean, day by day we get along, but days like today remind us that we've lost so much in life," said Melanie Shoop, Melissa's mother.

Family and friends gathered at Anderson Park in Maumee, just a few houses down from where Melissa was killed.

"We just want to show support to the Shoop family," said Maumee police chief Josh Sprow, who attended the memorial. "You know, it's been two years now since the tragedy occurred. We want to just show our support to domestic violence victims."

Melanie says the incident forever changed their lives, and she is now raising Melissa's two daughters.

"We just band together as a family. We have two little girls to raise. They live with me and my two sons step up and help me with them," said Melanie. 

She says Melissa's daughters Lily and Rose have many questions about their mother, and Melanie wants to teach them and other victims out there to never put up with domestic violence. 

"Get out. Leave. Whatever you have to do. Leave the car behind. Leave your cell phone behind. Leave your clothes behind. There are shelters downtown and there's Bethany House in Sylvania. Just walk away," said Melanie. 

Chief Sprow says domestic violence is a continuous problem in all communities.

According to the YWCA of Northwest Ohio, a woman is battered every 15 seconds in the United States. 

Melanie says that's too much, and she doesn't want Melissa's death to be in vain.

"We need a call for action, essentially, to help people. And we also need people to report. Women are abused all the time and don't report, so they need to report it," said Melanie. 

Melissa's mother also says the family is starting its own non-profit to fight domestic violence. 

It will be called Melissa's Garden of Hope Against Domestic Violence. 

The hope is to begin educating and assisting victims with the organization starting sometime in the spring.