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Monroe community left with several questions following a shooting involving a 'high-powered rifle'

Neighbors say the gunshots sounded unlike any gunshots they've heard before. Evidence at the scene led Monroe police to describe the weapon as a "high-powered rifle"

MONROE, Mich. — A shooting in a Monroe, Michigan community has left neighbors in the area still wondering what exactly happened. 

They describe the neighborhood as a safe place to live but say they're concerned with the type of weapon used in the shooting. 

"He said there was a shooting and stuff like that," John Mack, a resident in the area, said. "And I said 'oh geez, when was that?' He told me about a quarter after 12. And I said 'woah, I don't know anything about this.'"  

Mack has lived here for about 30 years. 

He says in those three decades, he's never seen anything quite like this Wednesday morning when he was greeted with detectives searching near his home on Washington Street.

"So I thought, well I'm gonna go out and see what's going on in the neighborhood," Mack said. "You know, Mr. Rogers said: 'let's go see what's happening in the neighborhood."

He found out what had happened was that someone had shot at least two people.

One victim drove off and called for help from home and an ambulance took another to the hospital.

Evidence shows there could still be a third, and that the suspect likely used what authorities described as "a high-powered rifle."

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"You always think of people carrying pistols. You walk around with a rifle, it's like walking around with a flashing light on your head," Mack said. "And the surprising thing was, I didn't even hear it. Didn't even hear it."

But several other neighbors WTOL 11 talked with said they heard it.

They describe the sound as being unlike any other gunshots they've ever heard. One woman said she even missed work because she didn't feel safe leaving her home.

As for Mack, he says this is his home and he hopes police catch the shooter, so his neighborhood can return to the way people living here have always known it to be.

"Kinda lived around here for a little while and I like it and I'm not moving, and I'm sticking to it," Mack said while laughing.

As of Wednesday night, police have not located that potential third victim and detectives are actively working on this case.

They're urging anyone who may have any information to call Monroe Police.

Crime Stoppers will also take anonymous tips at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.