If you need a reason to get outside here's one! Metroparks Toledo is challenging you and your family to visit  four parks in the next few months.

The challenge is called Parent quest, and here's how it works. Visit any four Metroparks and post a picture on Instagram or Facebook with #GetOutsideYourselfQuest for a fun prize. If you complete that before Sept. 22 you will be invited to a sneak peek party at the new Cannaley Treehouse Village! 

“You have from now to September 22 to visit four Metroparks - how hard can that be? There's one within every five miles of everybody in Lucas County! There's a few new parks," said Scott Carpenter, Metroparks director of public relations. "We have 16 Metroparks now, so if you haven't to them all or if there's one you haven't visited in awhile, check it out.”

The photo challenge is free.

Click here for the full list of Metroparks.