TOLEDO (WTOL) - April is Autism Awareness month. About one in 59 people are now diagnosed with the spectrum disorder.

“He is the sweetest little guy. If you hear his laugh, you’ll love it. You’ll fall in love with him,” said Sarah Mokri about her son Benjamin.

The seven-year-old was diagnosed with autism when he was two.

Since then, he's been getting treatment at Mercy Health's Autism Clinic.

“If I have a question. If something comes up at home, because it’s always something different, things are always changing, then I can come here and ask and he’s got like a team of people,” said Mokri.

Mercy Health said it will now be able to help double the amount of families it currently does. It’s expanding the clinic in Maumee to be able to serve 72 kids.

“I’m really looking forward to eliminating our wait list. Currently our wait list is about 12 to 18 months and with our expansion we’ll be able to completely eliminate that,” says Alexis Eggenberger, Manager of Autism Services at Mercy Health

The center provides individualized treatment for preschool-aged kids with Autism to meet whatever needs a family has.

“Speech therapy, occupational therapy, food therapy, counseling for siblings who have a brother or sister with Autism,” explained Eggenberger.

Treatment begins at diagnosis, which can be as early as two years old, and goes to age six.