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Mercy Health day of hope helps children dealing with trauma

Day Of hope allows members in the community to donate to the children in trauma recovery center

Mercy Health teamed up with Black and White Transportation to give back to children in the community who Have experienced trauma in their life.

"It doesn't just fall under domestic violence or child abuse they also cover victims of sex trafficking and things like that so it's really anything that's considered a crime by the attorney general of Ohio," said Children's Miracle Network program coordinator, Megan Quimby.

During the pandemic, officials at Mercy Health have noticed an influx of child abuse and domestic violence cases in their trauma recovery center.

"Woman comes in from a domestic violence case and the next thing we know she has three children they also have to be treated and have gone through some trauma themselves so we taken everybody that has been a victim of crime and just because of COVID and people are spending more time together it's leading to some tempers unfortunately," added Quimby.

Day of Hope allows members in the community to donate to the children in trauma recovery center. Some that donated say it's an experience they'll never forget.  

"And they would pick their own stuffed animals and then they got a book and then they got to pick their own book and the joy it's just it's just I can't even -it's off the charts I mean it's just a wonderful, wonderful afternoon," added Susan Zirkel who is a supporter.

Some of the donations Mercy Health is asking for are books, art supplies and toys that will be used during the children's therapy session. 

"Through art therapy to get them comfortable use toys during the therapy sessions just to make the kids feel more comfortable and open up about what they've gone through," said Quimby.

If you missed out on making a donation to Mercy Health foundation's Day of Hope charity drive through you can click here for more ways to donate.