MAUMEE, Ohio — Maumee Schools are one of 13 in northwest Ohio testing out the OTES 2.0 program. 

These changes are happening because of revisions made to the Ohio Senate Bill related to the program.

Evaluating teachers is nothing new, but this new version has key differences compared to the old one. 

"Now we're spending a lot more time talking about how we're using data in the classroom to make instructional decisions," said Maumee's Assistant Superintendent, Steve Lee.

The program has replaced student growth measures. It's also eliminated student learning objectives to help evaluate teachers in a more authentic way.

Lee said the program has a renewed focus on teacher's growth and not just a rating assessment at the end of the process. 

"So really it's about that evaluation, observation, feedback cycle and really working with our teachers to coach them on their craft," said Lee.

Last school year, Maumee schools helped design the pilot program and this year they are testing it.

"We just felt its better to be at the table helping inform the process as opposed to have the process just be mandated on you," said the Assistant Superintendent.

The program will be rolled out in all schools across Ohio for the 2020-2021 school year.

During the testing phase, the assistant superintendent said the changes on a day-to-day basis do not look much different for the teachers or students.

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