MAUMEE, Ohio —

City of Maumee

The City of Maumee is closing all access points to the Maumee River, effective immediately.

Maumee mayor Richard Carr made the announcement on the City of Maumee Facebook page.

Mayor Carr also said the city will be placing no parking signs on the streets in the immediate vicinity of the river.

"The COVID-19 crisis places in danger all health care workers, police officer, paramedics/EMT's, and all whose jobs put them in contact with the public," Mayor Carr said. "It is for the safety of our residents and all who serve us that we are enforcing this policy."

City of Perrysburg

Metroparks Toledo also announced due to the new restrictions, access to Side Cut will be limited, but will remain open with parking locations at the Fallen Timbers Monument and Wayne Street entrance. 

The City of Perrysburg said it will keep river and public fishing access points open, however that is subject to change at moment depending on recommendations from Gov. DeWine. 

The City of Perrysburg Police along with Metroparks' law enforcement will continue to patrol parks to stay in compliance with the state's stay-at-home orders.

Perrysburg Township

Perrysburg Township officials ordered to closed the Buttonwood fishing area and Hull Prairie Road north of West River Road Tuesday afternoon.

Vehicles and people that were on the site at the time of closure will not be asked to leave immediately but have been notified about the closure and will not be allowed re-entry.

Once the site is cleared by all users, the road entrance will be blocked from any access.

Individuals will not be allowed to park along River Road and walk into Buttowood; individuals who do not follow these orders may be cited by Perrysburg Township Police who will be on site monitoring. 

The closure will likely be in effect for the duration of the 2020 walleye run and then re-evaluated.

The closure comes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in coordination with actions taken by neighboring communities.

The closure is also in compliance with the state's health department's orders, especially considering the number of out-of-state license plates on vehicles at fishing sites.

Part of Ohio's Health Department's orders is the strict interstate travel regulations and quarantine for people coming from other states.

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