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Man trapped in grain saved from Oak Harbor silo Thursday morning

The man was saved in under 30 minutes after first responders were dispatched. Portage Fire District said they used a grain rescue tube obtained this year.

OAK HARBOR, Ohio — A worker trapped up to his chest in grain in a silo at the Luckey Farmers facility in Oak Harbor, Ohio was saved Thursday morning by multiple responding fire departments, rescue crews and facility employees.

The Portage Fire District and Mid-County EMS were dispatched to the facility on North Locust Street just before 9:30 a.m.

Crews found the man to be "conscious, alert and not complaining of any injuries, but was trapped up to his chest in grain," PFD said Thursday.

Due to the confined space and specialized nature of the rescue, more area first responders were called in for assistance, including the Oak Harbor Public Works crew with a vacuum truck.

According to PFD, the man was secluded from the grain using pieces of plywood put in place by workers and several sections of the PFD grain rescue tube. Then the vacuum removed everything around him and he was freed in under 30 minutes after dispatch.

He was then lifted out of an access hatch and placed in the care of EMS crews. It is unknown if the man suffered any injuries in the incident.

"Just this year, Portage Fire received a grain rescue tube for these kinds of incidents. Crews will continue to train internally and with our partners to be constantly ready for these kinds of incidents," PFD said.

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