LUCAS COUNTY, Ohio — A Lucas County Sheriff’s deputy has accepted a two-day unpaid suspension after the Department of Internal Affairs recommended he be charged with abuse of authority.

A complaint was made on Deputy Richard Strong by a woman regarding what she believed was an "inappropriate conversation" after a traffic stop on Dorr Street on May 28. 

According to the woman, Strong questioned her about having no front license plate and seat belts not being worn by her or the children in her car. He then allegedly told the woman that he could have written her a ticket, but they are expensive. The woman's account states that Strong told her that he was doing her a favor by only giving her a warning.

As the woman thanked him and began to walk away, Strong reportedly told her to "hang on a second" as he wrote on his business card. He then allegedly suggested that the two of them should "hang out sometime" and gave the woman his card with both his work and personal numbers on them. 

According to a press release, the woman said she felt that Strong abused his authority by trying to establish a relationship through the stop. The woman reported that Strong did ask for her name, but did not ask to see her license or personal information.

Strong said that he thought he told her that if she had any questions or needed anything to give him a call. He also said that if the woman claimed he said this, that he probably did and that he can see how she interpreted his actions in this way.

The report stated that the woman just wants Strong to leave her alone. Strong was charged with discourteous treatment and told not to not have any contact with the woman.