LUCAS COUNTY, Ohio — As the Sheriff of Lucas County's days are numbered, he's not really looking forward to leaving because he's still got things to accomplish

Sheriff John Tharp's first and main goal is expanding the D.A.R.T. team to focus on runaway children and drug education resources. It's something he feels our community is lacking.

"Our goal is to put four additional deputies into the unit to be able to find the runaway children and to be able to get them back home and back to where they're safe," said Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp.

The Drug Abuse Response Team began under Sheriff Tharp in 2014. It's a program that has seen much success and will continue after he leaves office. But that's not what he's most proud of.

He said he's most proud of the relationships built between the department and community. 

"We've worked hard to strengthen the linkage between law enforcement and the community and there's numerous ways of doing that. I'm personally most proud of the way we have strengthened that linkage with law enforcement and the community," said the Sheriff.

Sheriff Tharp said he doesn't have any plans for the future, he wants to focus on his last year and give the community 110 percent while he's there.

He said once his role as sheriff is done, he will always be willing to help the community and the new sheriff at any time.

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