TOLEDO (WTOL) - While you might not be able to predict where and when the next fire will take place, simple observations including having clear exits can increase your chances in staying safe in a fire.

"Some of the more important things are accessibility, think about getting in the apartment and getting out.With a really nice apartment and all those things, you want to make sure you can get out in case of an emergency," Toledo Fire Department's Public Information Officer Sterling Rahe said.

This is something potential renters can take a look at on their first visit to check out a new place to live. Even as you first walk into the hallway, there are things you can learn.

“Are the apartments numbered and marked so first responders, the fire department, police and EMS can find you in case of an emergency?” Rahe said.

With three recent apartment fires, two in Springfield Township and one in Maumee, Rahe said even the small details can have large consequences when it comes to your safety.

"Any type of hood system or exhaust system in a kitchen, make sure there's not an over abundance of grease that could cause or sustain a fire," Rahe said.

He also said it’s important to take the extra step to make sure that not only are smoke detectors inside your unit, but that they are working.

“We typically recommend having them on all levels, so if you’re in a townhouse or something like that or basement, make sure you have one on all the levels,” Rahe said.

The Fire Department doesn't have specific guidelines on renters insurance, but it's important to know that even if your landlord has insured the building. That doesn't mean your personal belongings are covered. That's the time where renters insurance would come in.

Some of these tips are just as useful for homeowners, including having an action plan in case of a fire. Talk to your family and make sure you have a safe place outside to meet, and if you have little kids, make sure they know as well.