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Local veterinarian gives warning after dog dies during Hensville fireworks show

After a dog passed away Friday evening following the fireworks show at the Toledo Mud Hens game, a local veterinarian warns pet owners of possible dangers.

TOLEDO, Ohio — The Toledo Mud Hens hosted its "Hens and Hounds" event Friday night, when dogs and their owners were welcome to come out to the park, but one pup didn't make it back home. 

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A post on Facebook indicated one dog died because of the fireworks following the game.

It's unclear if the dog had underlying health issues, but Dr. Anne Bergstrom with the West Toledo Animal Hospital said it's quite possible.

Bergstrom said the best advice in these types of situations is to know your pets, feel them out and make sure you're consulting with animal professionals before putting them in potentially stressful situations.

"You have to know your pet and know what makes them feel comfortable and safe," Bergstrom said. "Also talking to your regular veterinarian. There are many ways to cut a dog's anxiety down, between herbal remedies, essential oils, sedation, anti-anxiety medications. There's many options to help kind of get your dog through this if your dog is one that does not handle this."

In a post on its Facebook page, the Mud Hens said no dog-friendly events will be held at the same time as a fireworks show in the future.

The Mud Hens also said a donation will be made to an animal charity of the family's choosing.

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