OREGON, Ohio — Despite new cases of coronavirus being announced daily across the U.S. and internationally, many people in northwest Ohio are choosing not to cancel their trips. 

Travel Connections, a travel agency in Oregon, said people aren't cancelling their trips out of fear of the coronavirus.

For Kimberly Friend of Montpelier and her family, driving to the Fort Myers-area this weekend was a no-brainer. 

"It's spring break. We want to relax. We have five children and so we try to take vacation to make memories with them," she said. 

She isn't worried about her or her family getting coronavirus, but she's ready for self-quarantine, in case they do. 

Dawn Kelly, the owner of Travel Connections, said that she and her independent agents across the Midwest aren't seeing cancellations; only two out of hundreds in the last two weeks. 

The agents are trying to keep up with a lot of changes with the airlines, resorts and tour operators.

"Royal Caribbean has got different waivers than Carnival that has got different waivers than Delta that's got different waivers than American. They all are handling it [the virus] differently."

Although there are a lot of incentives being offered to travelers to keep the economy going. 

"I recommend to call a professional. Where are we seeing these deals and what are you thinking? If you want to do spring break trips right now, you can get it for next to nothing. So talk to somebody," Kelly said. 

Friend said that she's keeping a close eye on flight prices to see if she can get a good deal.

Kelly recommends travelers should only cancel or postpone their trip if they don't feel comfortable going and after they talk with their doctor. 

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