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Local trainers helping others stay safe, healthy during the pandemic with outdoor workouts

Are you ready to lose the "quarantine 15" but not quite ready to head back to the gym? Two local fitness trainers are ready to help with their outdoor sessions

TOLEDO, Ohio — Life in lockdown has led many Americans to pack on the "quarantine-15."

Despite Ohio gyms being reopened since May, a lot of people are still not comfortable returning due to the pandemic.

But no worries, there are some fitness trainers in the area that are willing to help people lose the quarantine weight all while practicing safe social distancing. 

Fitness trainer Darius Glover from Toledo is utilizing the summer weather and Oakwood Park to help people get fit and stay fit.  

"You know I have a group setting workout, we basically focus on core, body weight a lot of calisthenics, a lot of conditioning, a lot of cardio. It’s a non-stop moving session for at least 45 minutes to an hour," said Glover.

You can catch Glover working out and teaching his classes Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. using all that the park has to offer, from its shelter area, stairs and jungle gym. 

For just 1$0 dollars you can try a session out with a class size of about 10 to 12 people. 

And for the first-timers, expect to be treated like a veteran of the class. 

“I don’t do beginners I throw everyone to the wolves, You gotta work at your own pace and I want you to feed off the person who has been here for a long time," Glover said. 

But if group sessions aren’t for you, Glover also offers one-on-one sessions, tailored to the client's goal, in addition to meals plans that include pescatarian and vegan diets.

"More than anything man, its not just a workout it’s a lifestyle with me. I really love what I do. I'm not our here just taking your money, I'm here to really help you."

Along with being a three-year certified trainer, Glover is also working towards becoming a nutritionist. 

Elise Russell is also a local fitness trainer, who is looking to help people become their best selves.

Even though Russell's passion for fitness has grown since high school, her journey as a trainer started during quarantine.

"With  the time off I did more research. Then I started doing home workouts and put a page together. From there I started gaining clientele and more followers.  People started asking more questions," she explained.

In addition to helping clients see results, one of Russell's main objectives is her clients' comfortability. 

“One main thing I try to work on with my clients is try to make sure everyone is comfortable, confident and motivated when they come and leave me," Russell said. 

Not only is she willing to meet clients where they are mentally, but physically as well. 

"My clients are going to gyms, I've done outside workouts, I've done private training where I go to people’s houses and we've worked outside in parking lots just whatever makes my client more comfortable," she said.

You can contact and follow Russell on her workout page on Instagram @istayfitted_fitness.

Darius Glover can also be contacted on his workout page @mr_getfitstayfit.

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