TOLEDO, Ohio — EdChoice has been the topic of conversation in northwest Ohio and across the state over the last few weeks and that conversation isn't stopping anytime soon.

Ohio's EdChoice voucher program is still on hold, most likely until the end of February.

One week ago, the State House of Representatives approved changes to the bill and was sent to the State Senate for a vote. 

Meanwhile, the Education Committee on House Bill 9, the state's EdChoice voucher program, is hearing testimony from officials in public and private schools around the state. 

Those officials are explaining how the bill affects their districts in meetings that will last until the last week of February.

The first hearings began Tuesday and will continue.

The goal is to share their experiences with EdChoice in their corresponding district.

"I think we feel grateful that we have a seat at the table that the education committee on House Bill 9 is willing to listen to us," said Dr. Kadee Anstadt, Superintendent for Washington Local Schools.

Dr. Anstadt said no matter what, it's going to be a battle all the way through, but she said she's still hopeful they'll vote on a decision that both sides agree on.

Final hearing for the committee end on February 20. The new date for EdChoice's open enrollment is April 1. Decisions on the bill must be made by that date.

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