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Local restaurants still struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic

During the pandemic, it’s no surprise many local business owners are struggling and still have not recovered from their loss.

WHITEHOUSE, Ohio — When Rosemarie Morris and her husband decided to open Route 64 Pub and Grub in Whitehouse, their dream was to retire with the money they earned from the restaurant.

Now, their dreams have to be put on hold as the coronavirus pandemic has slowed business down.

"He's three years past retirement age and he's working harder now than he's ever worked," Rosemarie said of her husband. "So definitely our dreams are crushed."

To save money on business expenses, Rosemarie had to let workers go and cut restaurant hours.

"We're down to eight or nine people, and I'm working more in the kitchen. I've taken over cook position, which trying to save money, [we] cut corners wherever we can," said Rosemarie.

Employees and business hours aren't the only thing they're losing out on; they're also losing money that they can live off of in retirement.

"There's now way we can break even, we're going to lose. It's terrible when you're off 50% and more, there's now way you can break even. The cost of food is going sky-high, if you can even get some of the items," Rosemarie said.

Rosemarie also says they have adapted to the new normal and set up outside seating, but with the colder months ahead she is going back to the drawing board.

"That's another avenue that we're gonna have to cross. I do know we are trying to bring trivia back in mid-October. I haven't got quite the date yet but it will be on a Saturday night," said Rosemarie.

Rosemarie and her husband know they aren't the only ones going through this.They say they all just need to stay positive and keep their heads up.