TOLEDO (WTOL) - We’re days away from Halloween and now’s the time some parents are starting to plan where they want to take kids trick or treating.

Some parents say they give it lots of thought and go as far as even checking out the Ohio sex offender lists to avoid area.

A typical reaction from most parents, when they think about the idea of a sex offender being in the same neighborhood they take their kids trick or treating, was how unsettling the thought it. But some parents said they play the same rules every year to ensure safety.

“We just go to the same neighborhoods every year so we know they’re safe,” said Kristine Butters.

Colette Runion said her family likes to stick to trick or treating in advance, like in downtown Tiffin Friday.

“We’d rather do it in the daylight,” said Runion. “It’s a lot more safe doing it downtown and during trunk or treat.”

Tyler Huffman of Tiffin disagrees.

“The trunk or treat just seems that anybody could just pull up in their car and pop the truck and throw your kid in there and take off,” said Huffman.

For those who want to search their area before heading out Wednesday, it’s pretty simple.

You can go here. It just took seconds to track 12 sex offenders near downtown Perrysburg.

Gail Newsome said she doesn’t even need the internet to search, though, because her neighborhood notifies her by leaving flyers in the mail days before Halloween.

“It shows a picture of them and it tells us how close they are since we live by a school,” said Newsome. “If they live within a school they have to report.”

Many sex offenders, including those on probation or parole, are prohibited from displaying decorations outside their homes that would draw children to their doors.

They’re also required to keep the lights inside their homes off to let neighbors believe they’re not home on Halloween.