CLEVELAND, OH (WTOL) - Greg Hillabrand and his family have been Cleveland Browns season ticket holders since as long as they can remember.

But this past Sunday’s game was different than any game they’ve ever been to.

“Somebody just came up behind him, and sucker punched him in the head and that’s when he got knocked unconscious, fell and hit his head on the sidewalk,” said Greg.

Greg’s brother Josh was leaving a Browns game with a friend when he saw someone throwing traffic cones at Browns fans. After telling them to stop, someone punched Josh in the head. He hit his head on the pavement causing brain swelling, bleeding and a fractured skull.

Family members said initially they did not realize how serious the situation was.

“We didn’t assume as it was, we figured he got punched in the face and needed a couple stitches and they were just going to check him out and release him,” said Greg.

Greg hopes other fans hear his brother’s story and understand that sports are supposed to be enjoyable experiences for all fans, regardless of how your team performs.

“I think people are going more for a party than to watch a football team because it’s almost like every week they’re going in expecting to lose, which is how the fans are looking at it,” said Greg.

Josh was released from the hospital and is at home recovering. The Cleveland Police Department have made no arrests.