Since 1984, the Marathon Classic has raised $11.8 million for area children's charities. This year, 23 more groups will benefit, including Parker's Purpose. 

Parker Inks is always on the move. He doesn't let muscular dystrophy slow him down. Inks and other volunteers from Parker's Purpose can be seen handing out water at the driving range.

Parker started his foundation at 9 years old. He had health issues. His mom, Patti, had cancer. Inks wanted to raise money for families who had it worse than his. 

That was 11 years ago.  Now, 500 families have been given grants of more than $400,000.

The annual fundraiser for Parker's Purpose is Friday, July 26 at Old Zims in Fremont.

To learn more about Parker and his foundation, head over to the Parker's Purpose website