TOLEDO, Ohio — Manchester Roofing is one local business that does snow removal once winter weather comes and they're for a busy weekend as they anticipate several inches of snow.

They say this warm winter has allowed them to transition all their trucks over for snow removal before the snow actually hits.

Manchester Roofing is currently double checking to make sure all of their equipment is working, all the truck have gas and salt and calling their employees to make sure they're prepared for the snow.

Phil Kozak, the owner of the company said they have a crew of 20 people who help with snow removal and all of them will be working once the snow sticks to the ground. 

He's planning on having those employees hit the road at 2 a.m.

"We'll probably wait until there's about two inches on the ground. We'll keep an eye out on the ground and start plowing the snow. It's supposed to change to rain and freeze over possibly after that so we want to try to push as much snow off as possible," said Kozak.

After removing the snow they will go back and salt their customer's properties.

Kozak said since they are also a roofing company they are also prepared for calls to come in for leaks after this weekend.

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