TOLEDO (WTOL) - It is now day 24 of the government shutdown and many families have not seen a paycheck in weeks.

As the longest government shutdown in United States history continues, finding ways to save money and get food on the table is the unfortunate reality for many families.

Will Pierce, owner of D.P. Dough in Bowling Green, is trying to ease that worry for local federal workers.

“We figured it’s the best way we could do it. On a financial standpoint we really can’t do much, but we can donate as much as possible,” said Pierce.

If you have not received a paycheck because of the shutdown and want to get a free meal, D.P. dough wants to help.

You can message their Facebook or call the store to work out the details. There are no menu restrictions connected to the offer.

“We don’t really have any restrictions because we know people have allergies or issues with certain types of food so we wanted to help out with basically everything we have here”. said Pierce.

And while there are many national resources available to people feeling the impact of the shutdown, Will said it’s important for local resources to step up and help.

“We deal with the local community so often that with circumstance they kind of need the help. And like I said we had the option to do it and we have the ability to do it so might as well,” said Pierce.

A full list of other local resources available to those affected by the government shutdown can be found here.