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Local news crews are also working from home to participate in social distancing

Thanks to modern technology, almost all news crew work can be completed remotely

TOLEDO, Ohio — With more and more people now working from home, we wanted to share with you, our viewers, how we at WTOL 11 are also practicing what we preach.

For most reporters at the station, it's been days since they've set foot inside of the WTOL 11 newsroom. For reporter Jon Monk, it's been one week.

The goal is for viewers not to notice. 

Thanks to modern technology that is possible and gives us the ability to do everything we need to, to cover local events without actually going back to our television station.

Laptops with our video editing software, and the ability to record virtual interviews and then upload that video directly to our video servers at the station, we allowed us to do our part in practicing social distancing, while also keeping everyone informed.

With free apps like Slack and Skype, we've been able to communicate seamlessly with our coworkers

Now, working from home does of course have its ups and down. 

Reporter Jon Monk for example can simply go upstairs and enjoy his lunch break with his children, but he also has to do chores like let the dog out about once every hour since, well, he sits right next to the door.

But thankfully with fun and entertaining live streams from the Toledo Zoo and other organizations, he's able to time out exactly when it'll be quiet in his home to get most of his work done.

If you have your home office setup, we'd love see it. You can share it with WTOL 11 by simply text messaging your pictures and videos from your cell phones to 419-248-1100.

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