FULTON COUNTY, OHIO, Ohio —  As we near the end of harvest, farmers are seeing the impact of a difficult planting season and farmers will be happy to close the books on 2019.

Gerald Grain Center just outside Delta is a coop of 1,200 farmers. In its third year it's a $20 million investment. 

Business is about half of what it usually would be. But just like farmers they're making a go of it.

"We've had to make business decisions regarding overtime. We tried to cut back. It was our goal all along everybody had a job," explained Dave Carroll with Gerald Grain Center. 

Still a hundred trucks a day come through the center loaded with corn or soybeans to get weighed at full load.

They dump the grain into bins.  It has to be low moisture and sometimes it had to be dried first

The elevators send the product to silos or even a storage pile. Corn has a waxy shell so it can be out in the weather short term

 All spring, summer and fall there have been tons of stories about  a tough planting season. Some farmers got half their crops in while some not at all. But in the end, fields were okay.

"Guys that did get a chance to plant things they are very happy. What I have been impressed with is guys that couldn't plant and not to plant they are living with their decision and they have moved on. So it's one of the best outcomes it could have been the way we started this year."

In all, 3.7 million bushels are in storage. It'll be shipped out next year.