TOLEDO, Ohio — Now is your chance to let first responders know you appreciate all they do.   

Light Ohio Blue Week Starts Friday, May 8 and runs through Friday, May 15. 

You can get a blue light for your front door or garage or put a blue ribbon on your home to honor law enforcement officers.

Toledo Police Chief George Kral says he's been overwhelmed by the community's support during this time. His officers have had meals provided for them often throughout the past two months.

He says they're working 12 hour shifts and that things are a little more tense than normal right now.

"The officers know the normal policing dangers. Now they have to couple with it something they can't see, they can't smell, they can't touch. So that just adds another level of danger," says Chief Kral.

Light Ohio Blue Week culminates with a ceremony honoring fallen officers. 

Chief Kral says while that won't happen traditionally this year in Toledo, a video is being put together instead.

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