TOLEDO (WTOL) - You’ve heard a lot from the Republican and Democratic candidates for Governor, but there are more names on the ballot to choose from on Tuesday.

“I think America is definitely ready,” said media entrepreneur of Bexley, Ohio, Travis Irvine.

He is talking about a three-party system. He threw his hat in the ring for Governor after the Libertarian Party got access to the ballot in August.

Irvine ran for Mayor of his hometown in 2007 and also ran for Congress in 2010, a campaign that gained national attention for Irvine's quirky videos.

Irvine said if he wins, first order of business is fast-tracking the state’s Medical Marijuana program.

“What we found in states that have medical marijuana, or legal marijuana, which I’m also in favor of, the opioid crisis is 25 percent less deadly, harmful and expensive," he said.

Another big issue for the candidate is tax and regulatory reform. He said he’ll cut red tape for business owners.

“We need to make a lot of industries easier to exist here in Ohio. That includes the marijuana industry, that includes the film industry, vape stores, food trucks, breweries, micro distilleries, gambling. We even over-regulate gambling. These are industries that that can bring in honest-earned tax revenue," he explained.

Irvine added that he’ll look at cutting the budget, going through line by line and eliminating so-called “pork projects.” He’ll also work to cut taxes.

“You can’t just keep giving tax cuts to the wealthiest people in Ohio. If you really want to get some economic drive going, you need to cut taxes for lower and middle income Ohioans.

If elected, Irvine said he’ll rollback the Medicaid expansion and will only sign legislation that increases free market access to insurance.