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Learn how to kayak with Maumee Tackle Fishing and Kayaking Outfitters

Kayaking could be your new favorite hobby; here's where you can learn how to do it!

GRAND RAPIDS, Ohio — If you're looking to pick up a new sport or hobby, kayaking could be perfect for you this summer!

Starting a new hobby can seem daunting, but Maumee Tackle Fishing and Kayaking Outfitters in Grand Rapids, Ohio is here to help!

Mario Campos, owner of Maumee Tackle Fishing and Kayaking Outfitters, says they have kayaks available for sale or rent for either a leisurely morning paddle or a more rigorous adventure. They also have fishing kayaks available.

If you've never rowed or paddled before, your first kayaking might make you feel like a fish out of water, especially if you've never received any tips.

Before you head out on the water, it is recommended that you know how to paddle. A simple way to learn this technique is to use a broom or hockey stick and imagine yourself paddling from side to side. How you hold your paddle and stroke will determine your rowing style.

Paddling.com says the power behind your strokes comes from torso rotation, which means you should use your whole upper body for your strokes and not just your arms. It is also important that you know your limitations and put safety first, such as always wearing a life jacket and dressing for conditions.

Maumee Tackle Fishing and Kayaking Outfitters just expanded their shop to Grand Rapids. The renting rate for a kayak is $35 per person and it is recommended that you call and reserve a kayak before your next adventure.