TOLEDO, Ohio — In case you missed it, here is a look at the May 12, 2019 episode of Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson.


Is Ohio finally coming to grips with the, what some are calling, screwed up way we pay for schools in the Buckeye State?

Tom Hosler is the superintendent of Perrysburg Public Schools. He's co-chaired a working group advising state lawmakers on a better way to pay for public education.  

Hosler breaks down what the issues are with the way we currently pay for public schools in Ohio.


By now, you probably know that medical marijuana is for sale, legally, here in Ohio.  

State lawmakers actually voted to make it legal as of late last year, but the rollout went slower than expected.

Some 25,000 Ohioans have obtained the cards needed to get medical marijuana, but if experience in other states teaches us anything, some 2 percent of the population will likely have medical marijuana authorization within a few years. With a population of 11 million, that would be over 200,000 folks using marijuana legally to fight a number of physical, and maybe mental, woes.

Kara Lambert is the Director of Marketing for Standard Wellness.  

Standard Wellness grows and processes medical marijuana in Gibsonburg and, through a sister company, dispenses out of the "Forest" store in Sandusky. The company also supplies the "Rise" dispensary in Toledo.  

Jerry speaks with Lambert about the growing industry.


A lot of us played cops and robbers as kids. Pretending to be a police officer was pretty cool, right? Then we grew up and most of us thought, "Well, maybe not so cool." Now, the "bad guys" have real guns.

If protecting and serving is a dream you harbor, the Toledo Police Department would sure like to talk to you. 

Sergeant Lourdes Rocha runs the background and recruitment program for TPD. The police department is looking for another class of about 40 recruits for 2020, but that process starts this summer. 

Jerry talks with Sergeant Rocha about the recruiting process.

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