TOLEDO, Ohio — I hope your new year is off to a great start. I know, both Ohio State and Michigan fans are licking their wounds this bowl season, but both will be back.

Up first today is a Toledo Hospital being dismantled or at least, greatly downsized, to the potential detriment of the health of the citizens in one large, populous, geographic area of the city?

The hospital is UTMC, the University of Toledo Medical Center, the centerpiece of the school's health-science campus. 

With me are two of the voices raising serious concerns about the future of the facility. Randy Desposito, who heads AFCME's Local 2415, which represents many of the hospital's employees. Also here is the former three-term Mayor of Toledo and a South End resident, Carty Finkbeiner. 

We know as we enter this new year that much of what happens in our community is affected by local government. The folks down at the power tower. We know city council has agreed to put the administration's city income tax hike on the March 17 ballot. 

One of the votes in favor of doing that coming from a Democrat on council who will also be heard from in the coming year for another elective reason. I welcome Gary Johnson back to my Leading Edge table. He is president and CEO of AFI Contractors, union contractors. 

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