On one level, the issue may seem so narrow and so specific that many of you could say, "I don't know. Whatever. I don't have a dog in that fight." But this thing has implications that have developers threatening to flee Toledo and develop elsewhere. 

It has the Chamber of Commerce and other business interests facing off with members of Toledo City Council. It's once again re-visiting the old "Toledo is a union town" moniker hung on Toledo - with pride in some quarters and disdain in the others.

The issue is a proposal that drywallers must be licensed, must pass a test and must pay a licensing fee.

I welcomed to my Leading Edge table Keith Michalski of KCS Contracting of Holland, Ohio. Also along was Ambrea Mikolajczyk of Ark Restoration and Construction. Both are involved in projects concerning interior construction, including drywalling. 

You could certainly know if the city is plagued with an abundance of improperly-installed drywall. 

We are taking you inside a Toledo City Council proposal that, as we said, seems maybe minor or narrow-focused on the surface, but which has drawn the attention and opposition of no less than the Chamber of Commerce, the Home Builders Associations, Toledo Regional Association of Realtors and ConnecToledo - the downtown development organization. 

Toledo City Councilman Rob Ludeman, a Republican councilmember at large, was at my desk discussing the issue. By profession, he is a realtor and I see where the Realtors' Association has weighed in against the licensing ordinance. 

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