TOLEDO, Ohio — The president played Toledo this week with the vice president in tow. The first presidential campaign rally of this presidential election year taking place right here in Ohio and in Toledo sends some messages. About Ohio's importance, certainly. 

But there's at least one message that Democrats are seizing on. One they say buoys them and we'll hear what that is when the chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party joins me a little later. 

But up first, public education in the city of Toledo. The Toledo City School district is the fourth largest district in the state. Its budget approaches a half-billion dollars and TPS, the Toledo Public Schools is the fifth-largest employer in our market with over 4,000 employees. 

And the man who makes it all run is Superintendent Dr. Romules Durant. 

And we are off or it's on. The race for president has been on for a long time already but the first big campaign rally for an incumbent president in this election year took place right here in Ohio. Right here in Toledo. 

Anybody hoping (Democrats?) or worried (Republicans?) that President Trump might take Ohio for granted saw those hopes or worries go away. Mr. Trump even had the vice president in town. 

Someone watching all of these events is the Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party David Pepper. 

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