In case you missed it, here is a look at the July 28, 2019 episode of Leading Edge.

Mike Ferner — Founder of Advocates for a Clean Lake Erie

We continue our coverage of Toledo's water crisis five years later. This weekend, the group Advocates for a Clean Lake Erie has been observing the somber anniversary. The group's founder, lake resident and advocate Mike Ferner joining us at the Leading Edge table.

Lee Strang - University of Toledo Law Professor

The biggest issue in the race for the White House is... immigration? Abortion? Trade and Tariffs? Race relations? Fill in the blank. But what should likely be at the top of any presidential contest is judicial appointments. You see, many of these folks stay in power for life. Certainly after a president leaves office and they will often rule on key questions involving all of those above issues and many others. 

When we talk the Supreme Court, we love talking to University of Toledo Law Professor Lee Strang. With two appointments from President Donald Trump, the court has a firm 5-4 or as firm as 5-4 can be a conservative makeup. Yet, as they wound down their most recent session, did we see that in play? And if so, how so? 

Lance Woodworth - Vice-president of sales and relationship management at Destination Toledo

A lot of us looked at a lot of destinations as we made summer plans this year. There is a group in Toledo committed to making sure people look at the city and county when making their getaway, conference or convention plans.

That organization is Destination Toledo, an arm of the Lucas County Convention and Visitors Bureau. Vice-president of sales and relationship management Lance Woodworth made my table as a destination for today's show. 

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