TOLEDO (WTOL) - Are you more interested in babysitting dogs than babysitting children? Then Lucas County Canine Care & Control has just the thing for you.

Approved volunteers with LCCCC now have the opportunity to take shelter dogs for days trips and other excursions to explore Lucas County and give adoptable dogs some face time with the public.

This “doggy field trip” program is called Dogs on the Town, or DOTT. It pairs approved volunteers with shelter dogs, who then take the dogs out for fun day while bringing visibility to all the pets that can be adopted from LC4.

There are many field trip opportunities for volunteers and the adoptable dogs, like going for a hike at a Metropark, taking a nap at the volunteer’s home or shopping at a local dog-friendly business.

LCCCC launches “doggy field trip” program for approved volunteers

DOTT was created to alleviate kennel stress by offering the dogs a break from the shelter and providing dogs with enrichment and increased visibility. The field trips also give shelter dogs a taste of what it’s like to live outside of the shelter environment.

Volunteers will carry business cards in case they meet potential new owners and backpacks that carry the message: “Ask me about this dog."

Outings with the dogs can be as short as one hour or as long as one day. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old and must apply on LCCCC’s website.