PORT CLINTON (WTOL) - It’s not often that Lake Erie’s weather is tame enough in late December to allow boat anglers to ply the waters in search of the big perch and walleye.

But, with temps and weather conditions still staying north of freezing with relatively mild winds, the waters of western Lake Erie are producing a bumper crop of fish ready for harvest.

Lake Erie still offering big catches in late December
Captain Kevin Swartz's charter service hauled in a 9.52 pound walleye on the day after Christmas - it's a definitely December keeper.
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Port Clinton’s Captain Kevin Swartz, who runs a charter service, was all smiles today after they managed to haul in an industrialized-sized walleye weighing in at an impressive 9.52 pounds.

It’s a keeper. Swartz tells us the charter business has been steady and it’s day to day as it all depends on Mother Nature as to what the lake conditions will offer.