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Just in time for Mother's Day, a Toledo mom receives award for going above and beyond to take care of others

The award was created to recognize and give back to Toledoans who have taken care of someone over the last year. Judy Czerniawski was one of over 125 nominees.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Just in time for Mother's Day, a superhero mom, grandma and all around caregiver is getting the royal treatment her son says she deserves.

"I'm just overwhelmed, I can't believe it! I never would have imagined winning this, believe me," said Judy Czerniawski.

Out of more than 125 nominations, Judy the winner of the CareGiver 360 Award. It was created by Advanced Specialty Hospital of Toledo to recognize and give back to those who have taken care of someone over the last year.

"Never do something because you expect something in return. Do it from your heart. That's what it's all about, just doing it from your heart," Judy said.

Judy's son Geno Czerniawski said he can't think of a better person to win this award than his mom. He says from helping raise other kids in the neighborhood, to adopting her 2-year-old granddaughter and helping his dad beat prostate cancer among many other things, it was an honor to nominate her.

"To go out and nominate her for something like this, seems almost like a lifelong reward and fulfillment for something she's been doing ever since I can remember," said Geno.

Judy says when it comes to all that she does for others, she's never even thought twice about it.

"I did it because it had to be done I didn't expect anything from it. It was the way we were raised. If something had to be done, it got done. You didn't ask any questions you just did it," said Judy.

Judy's prizes included numerous awards from area businesses and restaurants to pamper herself and celebrate her giving heart with others.

You can nominate your caregiver here.


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