MAUMEE (WTOL) - Maumee City Administrator John Jezak will officially retire on April 30, according to a separation agreement he signed with the city on March 27.

The deal ends the political limbo that has existed in the city since Jan. 7, when acting Mayor Tim Pauken put Jezak on paid administrative leave, pending an investigation into Jezak’s involvement in an ethics report that was released in December.

The separation agreement, which was released to WTOL on Monday morning, states that the city will pay Jezak through April 30.

That pay includes insurance and retirement benefits through the end of the month. Maumee must also provide a lump payment on or before April 30 for accrued leave time, sick time, vacation time and bonuses.

The total amount of that payment was not listed in the agreement.

Both sides released the following statement: “On April 30, 2019, John Jezak will officially retire from his position and employment from the City of Maumee. John has faithfully served the City of Maumee as City Administrator/Director of Public Safety since March 1, 2000.

“Both John and the City of Maumee have enjoyed much success during this period and are proud of the achievements they both share. As John moves on to enjoy his retirement, the city will be engaged in an effort to find his replacement as City Administrator/Director of Public Safety. Both Mr. Jezak and the city wish each other well in the pursuit of their respective goals.”