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Investigating Sylvania's haunted history

There are a few places in Sylvania that some say go bump in the night!

SYLVANIA, Ohio — Did you know that Sylvania has a haunted history? What better day than Halloween to explore the city's spooky past!

In 1857, Jonathan Meigs Ward murdered his wife, Olive Davis, and scattered her remains around the town.

The ghost story has it that Olive still haunts the city to this day, but is there any way to prove the legend?

The Toledo Ghost Hunters Society has been exploring Sylvania based on some accounts of paranormal activity.

Like the story of the manager at the Executive Diner on Main Street, who says some of the workers heard classical music being played and doors shutting.

The manager asked the Toledo Ghost Hunters Society to investigate, so they spent the night at the Diner.

The society says they heard multiple things that led them to believe that the building was haunted.

"The gate was closed at the time and during the middle of their session, the temperature rose to 270° on the Mel Meter [which measures electric and magnetic fields and Ambient temperature]. At the same time, the gate opened on them, and we still to this day have that piece of footage," says Toledo ghost hunter Harold St. John. "It goes with claims of things moving and doors shutting on their won. This was just one of the many things we captured that night as well."

The Ravine Cemetery is also no stranger to paranormal activity reports. 

There have been claims that a woman known as a "ghost bride" who wonders the grounds. She allegedly was widowed three times over and when she had died, there was a dispute as to which husband she should be buried with. 

She ultimately was buried alone.

"It's your right to believe or not, and I'm very skeptical myself," St. John said." I think some of the paranormal things that happened, I may never be able to explain. Do I believe it to be true? I witnessed it with my own eyes. How it's happening, I'm not sure."