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Influenza A still going around in northwest Ohio

Health care professionals say amidst coronavirus fears, it's more likely you'll get the flu or another virus making the rounds.

LUCAS COUNTY, Ohio — "By law of averages, if you get sick right now in northwest Ohio it's most likely that you're going to have something other than COVID-19 or the coronavirus," said ProMedica's V.P. of Quality and Safety, Dr. Brian Kaminski. 

So what is going around in northwest Ohio right now? Kaminski answered Influenza A. 

"We've actually had a fairly severe flu season this year. They say about 30 million people have become infected. It's one of those illnesses that we do have a vaccine. It's our best preventative tool," said Kaminski.

Kaminski said it's not too late to get a flu shot. It takes about two weeks to become effective.

The Toledo Lucas County Health Department said this season there's been one death from the flu in Lucas County and 320 hospitalizations. That's more severe than last year and about on par with the 2014-2015 season. 

Kaminski said RSV also makes its rounds this time of year. 

"There are a variety of cold viruses that we see. We see viruses that probably you've never heard. We see Rhinovirus," said Kaminski.

Unfortunately these viruses need to run their course, so prevention is key.

Kaminski said to wash your hands often for 20 to 30 seconds, or use hand sanitizer as often as you think of it. 

"Everytime you touch your face or touch your nose, touch your mouth, you run the risk, if you're sick, of getting droplets on your hands and touching surfaces."

If you have cold or flu symptoms, Kaminski said you can likely treat those at home, but if you have shortness of breath, severe weakness or inability to function you should see your doctor.

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