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Survivor of trafficking, drug abuse encouraging those in active recovery during stay home order

Courtney Keith is coming up on four years of sobriety and is encouraging those in recovery now to stay strong.

TOLEDO, Ohio — While the world is at a standstill and many are out of work or stuck at home, those in active addiction recovery don’t get a break.

Courtney Keith, a survivor of human trafficking and drug abuse is encouraging all those stuck in those worlds now or recovering to stay positive and hopeful.

Keith said she was stuck in the world of human trafficking and drug addiction from 2013 to 2016. She was arrested and found recovery from opioids and heroin and discovered God shortly after.

She said this stay-at-home order can be difficult for those trying to stay sober now. But she’s telling everyone to pick up a phone, call a friend, and to not isolate yourself from family and those willing to help.

"People, I know I didn't know how forgiving the world can be," Keith said, "and how much people do really want to help people because I wasn't surrounding myself with those kinds of people. I was surrounding myself with bad people. And there really are good people that do just want to help."

Keith said it’s her daughter that keeps her going every day. While she’s out of work right now like many, she said her family is keeping her strong. Next month, she’ll mark four years of sobriety, stressing to others struggling now it's possible to find recovery.

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