TOLEDO (WTOL) - Holidays are always a busy time of the year for travelers and Wednesday was no exception. In fact this year there is a five percent increase in the amount of people expected to be on the roads.

Ohio State Highway patrol is on high alert to make sure everyone gets there safely.

“Usually around this time of year it’s the impatience behind the wheel. We tell drivers to make sure they’re very defensive as they’re trying to commute to their destinations, give yourself some ample time,” said Lt. Angel Burgos of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The Ohio State Highway patrol has officers working overtime to ensure the roads are safe. Their main focus for troopers Wednesday was to help stranded motorists and removing impaired drivers from the roads.

In northwest Ohio, the roads get especially busy because of the turnpike and other major highways' close distances.

“Every law enforcement officer in Northwest Ohio is being proactive to make sure that we’re making an impact in our communities. making sure families get to be with each other these holiday seasons” said Burgos.

Impaired driving is also a big problem law enforcement deals with during the holidays. Last year the Ohio State Highway patrol made 27,000 people arrests for OVI offenses. 10,000 of those arrests occurred between 5 AM and midnight.

“So the misconception is this time of day there's no drunks out there or people that are impaired. And that's so far from the truth” said Burgos.

Although the number of OVI arrests have decreased, troopers are still reminding people to be alert for impaired driving.

If you see an impaired driver on the road, you can dial #677. That will connect you to the nearest highway patrol post, allowing you to report a driver

“Everyone being involved is helping curtail that number. but I think also the public is a huge help because they take the initiative to call 9-11 or #677 and report people driving recklessly and things like that” said Burgos.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol also reminds you to be safe driving home from your holiday festivities. Drivers are often anxious to get home, so be sure to give yourself extra time to be safe.