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Toledo needs your help naming this year's snowplows

Six winners will be selected from qualifying submissions.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Toledo-area residents have the chance to name the city's snowplows, which will, weather permitting (or weather un-permitting, depending on how much you enjoy wintery conditions), appear on the streets sooner rather than later. 

Similar to the naming contest held by the Ohio Turnpike, participants are asked to submit their most creative names, which will be displayed on snowplows should they be voted winner. 

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Beginning Monday, Nov. 14, the city of Toledo is accepting name submissions. The final day to suggest a name is Nov. 30. The public can vote on all qualifying names between Dec. 2 and Dec. 9. On Dec. 12, the city will announce the six winners. 

To qualify, submitted names must meet a few criteria: 

  • Names must not contain profanity or inappropriate language
  • Submissions cannot be names of real people
  • Names must be original, and not be owned or copyrighted by another entity, such as a movie, television show, or reference to an existing company

When you submit a snowplow name, you grant all rights to the city of Toledo to use, display and publish the name. 

To submit a snowplow name to the contest, click here

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