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Highlighting our community: Titgemeier's Feed and Garden shop in south Toledo

The 133-year-old shop is known for its bird feed, dog supplies and alcohol-making supplies.

TOLEDO, Ohio — There are so many wonderful business in our community that have been operating for decades: like Titgemeier's in south Toledo.

Opening as a flower shop back in 1888, Titgemeier's is known for selling things other places don't normally have.

"We have beer and wine-making supplies - and there's really nowhere else in town to get that stuff - and we service a lot of people in the local community for dog food and stuff. They can just walk in and get whatever they need," co-owner Nick Steanbaugh said.

Store clerk Brianne Lafountaine said the beer and wine-making supplies bring in a lot of customers. 

"We have a lot of breweries that come in, we have a lot of home brewers that come in, we have a lot of family teams that come in. That's one of our biggest things, we sell quite a bit of it," Lafountaine said.

Steanbaugh said the secret to staying open for so long is simply providing great service. 

"We're not going to try to sell you something you don't need. We want to get you what you want and give good advice. That's really the key," said Steanbaugh.

On top of providing great service, Lafountaine said the store also has a mutual friendship with people in the neighborhood.

"We have a lot of respect for the community. They talk with us. We talk with them. We know a lot of the neighbors around here they kind of look out for us, we look out for them," she said.

Titgemeier's is located on Western Avenue and is open Monday through Saturday.